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Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content

Bottom of the Funnel

So, you’ve been working hard to get more customers. But now that they’re all here and waiting for something from YOU – what next?

Do not worry! Your BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) content is vital in closing deals with prospects before sending them down their final funnel towards conversion AND paying users…


Drop off ultimately; you decided against investing any time/money into reaching this audience because there are way too many other marketers trying just as diligently who will be able to fill those shoes much better than I could ever hope.

A sales funnel is a marketing strategy that relies on building engagement with your audience through content and converting them into customers.

Your blog posts and social media updates probably fall under top of the funnel (TOFU) content.

They’re designed to introduce people to your brand and what you do, making them appropriate for a broad range of audiences interested in hearing more about this topic from somebody they know or reading something online beforehand.

However, BOFU-driven material has an altogether different niche: targeting conversions by going sales through specific techniques like value propositions.

There’s a time and place for everything, like when you’re marketing your business on social media or website content. Bottom of funnel (BOFU) refers to all those pieces that focus more on people than search engines; this includes optimizing every detail with an angle toward conversion in mind to help drive sales higher up into their organizations’ revenue stream!

Beneath-the–funnel marketing assets are created explicitly to entice decision makers who’ve already been exposed enough by other marketers but want something different from them nonetheless – giving off a vibe as if yours genuinely had thought.


Quick Overview of the Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

According to Tom Fishburne, a sales funnel is “a series of activities designed to bring your leads from the cold email inbox through engagement and ultimately into action.” So now that we have some background on what they are – let’s dive into how you can use them in your business!

The first thing I want us all to understand about these funnels is that they’re not just for getting people warmed up before converting them at checkout; instead, think about every step as an opportunity, both opportunities, and challenges- to get someone interested enough going forward so when it comes time.

The Top of Funnel (TOFU)

TOFU, or the Awareness and Discovery stage of the sales funnel, is where you need to rank for keywords so people can find out more about your product. The goal here should be getting readers’ trust to figure out if they would want what we’re offering with our brand!

The Middle of Funnel (MOFU)

Helping prospects reach the consideration stage is when you’ll determine whether they’re ready to buy. Education and engagement become your key responsibilities in this phase. These individuals must know enough about what solutions will work best for them before committing fully heartedly- ensuring all their needs are met every step!

The Bottom of Funnel (BOFU)

The last and narrowest part of the funnel is where we find our BOFUs. This represents those who reach this point as serious buyers; they need one more nudge before making their purchase decision!

You don’t have to educate readers on their problems anymore; your BOFU content should show why the offering best solves that pain point.

There’s no point working on your bottom of the funnel marketing if leads aren’t coming in. But it also helps to have content for other stages, and a sales funnel; after all, what’s an advertising campaign without great information?

TOFU MOFU BOFUNG marketing is an engaging way of speaking to all your target audiences and keeping them engaged until they convert.


Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU) Content

Why is content at the bottom of the funnel so important?

You might be doing an excellent job of spreading the word about your brand and what you offer, but remember that prospects coming in through our content still have a long way to go before becoming paying customers. Their questions will also change as they pass through different sales funnel stages – so crafting solid bottom-of-funnel copy allows us to answer any product-related queries successfully!

These are some benefits you can get from investing in bottom-of-funnel marketing. You’ll be able to:

  • Establish your product or service as being among the best choice available;
  • Give highly interested prospects the last pieces of information needed to make purchase decision confidently, building consumer trust along the way – helping the sales team makes a sale. As the name suggests, content marketing is about creating valuable and engaging information that you can use to your advantage. If cultivating an audience has been one of our top priorities, then now might be an excellent time for bottom-of -the funnel tactics as well!

How to Create Convertible Content: Bottom Of The Funnel Content Examples

You now have a solid understanding of the bottom of funnel content and why it’s so important. So, let’s take this next step together: crafting your own!

The content you produce for your bottom of funnel marketing should be hard selling. Your audience is ready and waiting to buy, but they need more information before making up their minds about which product will work best!

The following are some examples of BOFU content worth exploring.

Email Marketing Content

The power of email is unparalleled. Brands can now reach prospects and build relationships with them through the written word, leading eventually to conversions on your product or service!

It is vital to have a well-thought-out email marketing strategy if you want your business’ message and image to be seen by as many people. The best way of doing this? Partner with an agency that can provide all the necessary tools for success!


Whitepapers are a great way to communicate with potential customers and back up your arguments. The whitepaper can be helpful for lead generation. Still, they’re also valuable for marketing at the bottom of the funnel because it allows you to share useful data about an issue that consumers face.

The document outlines how this problem affects them, allowing readers insight into what solution might work best!

Product Tutorials

If you’ve been struggling with your bottom of the funnel marketing, producing product tutorials is worth trying.

These types of content get to not only demonstrate how a user can use what they’re selling but also show them just where that solution will take place in their life and provide relief from pain points along the way!

And if crafted by professionals who know video production well enough- even gain shareable pieces that others won’t be able to stop talking about once started.

Comparison Content

Whether you like it or not, prospects at the conversion stage are also considering your competition. So rather than letting them do this on their own- raise the bottom of funnel marketing game by creating comparison content that will help shoppers make a wise purchasing decision without competing against each other!

Case Studies

The bottom of the funnel is a great place to promote your business. One way you can do this effectively, and without breaking any bank in advertising costs or requiring an extensive sales team on its feet all day long, ready for anything that comes along at them from prospects looking over their waists-up case studies provide tangible results which demonstrate how exactly one product solved real-life problems faced by businesses just like yours – generating revenue right off the bat!

Bottom of the Funnel Marketing

Bottom of the Funnel Marketing

Making Your Bottom of the Funnel Marketing Work

To be successful, your content has to address the questions buyers ask throughout all stages of their purchase. You need a deep understanding and compassion for these people – because they are serious about making an investment in you or whatever it may be that brings them here today!

Lastly, you have to track your bottom of funnel content’s performance. Take note that the metrics you’ll need this time are different from before- if it was studying website traffic or subscription rate for TOFU (top of funnel) articles, then look at total conversions, signups, demos requests, earnings per lead, etc., as well!

The key to a successful sales funnel is content. Investing time and effort into creating engaging, creative pieces will help you generate better leads and get more out of your marketing efforts!

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We all know that content is essential for generating brand awareness, but have you ever thought about what happens when people come across your bottom of funnel (BOFU) marketing? That’s right – it moves them down their sales funnel and gets those visitors to convert into customers!

With all of this in mind, it’s crucial to have a well-thought-out marketing strategy and utilize top-notch content services if your online business presence achieves desired results.

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