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What Should Plumbers Know About Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads for plumbers

Google is always evolving, subtracting, and adding new features for local business and their buyers. The most recent and successful search result feature is the Local Services Ads for plumbers.

Currently, Local Services are one of the major channels that contribute to Google’s paid advertising drive. They also occupy an essential role in plumber digital marketing.

What Are Local Services Ads? And how are they different from Google Ads?

Local Services Ad is a pay-per-lead platform and not the regular pay-per-click (PPC) Ads, which are common in plumbing advertising. While they might be different, they both belong to Google and show in your search engine results. The image below is an example of Google Local Service Ads.

Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads

Another difference between pay-per-lead and PPC is what you are paying for. In PPC Ads, you pay Google to direct traffic towards your website. But Local service Ads involve paying Google for verified leads.

Google’s Local Services will give prospective clients your business number without them having to leave the result page. Rather than visiting your website, Google provides sample information from your website that helps them decide on the result page.

The snippets on Local Service Ads include Phone numbers, Operational days/hours, Customer reviews, and Service area.
One essential thing to understand when comparing Local Service and Google Ads is that they are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they complement your promotional efforts and help you to push your business towards large audiences.

Catch Up With Local Services Ads for Plumbers, and Stop Losing Qualified Leads To Your Competitors

Plumbing companies will benefit a lot from investing in Local service Ads. Here are some advantages for your business.

  • Affordable leads: Investing in Local Services Ads is more cost-effective than pay-per-click advertising in most parts of the U.S. markets (more on how much Local Services ads cost later).
  • Google Guaranteed Badge: Google has a guaranteed badge for their Local Services Ads. This Google Guaranteed badge for plumbers helps potential clients to feel more comfortable about doing business with you.
  • High Search Engine visibility:  Local Services Ads show on the top-most result in Google searches, whether on mobile phone or desktop. In fact, they even take up the entire screen when you begin your search until you scroll down and unveil other results. This high visibility makes Local Services the best option for plumbers who want to boost leads and sales.
  • Verified leads: Plumbers only need to pay Google for Local Service leads if the customer specifies that he/she was directed from their Ad. If otherwise, you can refuse payment or get your money back from Google after payment. This verified option helps you to manage advert expenditure and increase your ROI.

How Do Local Services Ads for Plumbers Work?

When a person in your area of service searches for plumbing service, they will see Local Service Ads in Google’s search engine results.

If you have invested in this service, the Local Service Ad will feature your business name and profile, phone number, business hours, and the sum of your reviews.

If a homeowner chooses your profile from the list, they move to a page that holds essential information about your service. With the details on this page, a user can sufficiently make a buying decision.

A sample sits below.

Local Services Ads preview

Let’s explore everything you will find on that page.

  1. Overview: This section contains a list of the plumbing services you offer. It also talks about how your service differs from competitors and your strengths. Your business hours belong to this section of the Local Service page. This profile can also showcase your electrical or HVAC services if you offer any.
  2. Business bio: You can talk further about your business at this stage. Mention how long you have been in business if you run a generational establishment, and whatever discounts you offer new and existing customers.
  3. Customer Reviews: Many customers will decide whether or not to hire your plumbing company based on the nature of your reviews. It is crucial to get as many 5-star reviews as possible because your Local Services profile needs to showcase customer satisfaction in your services.
  4. Google Mark of Guarantee:  Having Google’s badge on a business page is something to be proud of. When your company or brand sports two Google Guaranteed badges on your Local Services Ads profile, it also has an explanation telling customers that your business passed Google’s plumber screening and verification.

Why is it great for Plumbers to Advertise on Google's Local Services?

One thing we love about this advertising for plumbers is that it is already proving to be a successful tool even though it is new. Several plumbers are already gaining more customers using Local Services. However, it shouldn’t be the only advertising you do.

How Much Do Plumbers Pay For Leads From Local Services Ads?

As we said earlier, plumbing companies are not investing in exposure alone, but for the leads they get. The price of these leads varies, but they span between $9 and $35 for every lead.

The leads you get are verified, so if you pay for leads and realize that they didn’t come from Google but another form of referral, you can get refunds for that lead.

As for results, we see some Marketing By Ali clients get as much as 20:1 ROI from their Local Services Ad budget. Think of it like spending $1 on someone and they give you $20 in return. Even 12:1 is an amazing return for any business that gets involved in Local Services Ads.

Your business page also gets to fly that Google Guaranteed badge, placing your company one step up the ladder as it concerns client trust.

What’s more? Your investment in Local Service Ads for your company will ensure that your business gets included in organic search results when people run voice searches on Google devices.

How Can Plumbers Sign Up for Local Services Ads and Get the Google Guaranteed Badge?

At this stage, you are probably wondering how to sign up for the Local Services Ads for plumbers. Here’s a Step by Step guide.

  1. Apply for the Local Services program, which is available nationwide.
  2. Google needs to see your company license, insurance, employee background checks (for plumbers who will enter customers’ homes). Google will carry out this background check on the plumbing company owner and other persons working on the field on the company’s behalf. The checks span between 2 and 6 weeks.

    If any employee fails or misses the background check, you lose your opportunity to get the Google Guaranteed badge.

  3. While Google runs its checks on your business, it is time to set up your Local Services business profile. You need to create the necessary sections and fill them with information about your plumbing company.
  • Begin by creating your company profile, which contains primary details like your company name, telephone numbers, service areas, and operational hours.
  • Your company overview is next and it should showcase the type of services you offer clients.
  • Company bio sits third on the list. It should contain unique details about your company, and why you stand out from other companies.
  • Your customer reviews will show up on your Local Services business profile if your business has been generating customer reviews on your Google My Business (GMB) profile.

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