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Did you know that for every extra second your page spends loading you lose valuable leads and your bounce rate surges?

Enhance your website performance, gain more traffic, and capture high-quality leads with Marketing By Ali technical search engine optimization (SEO) services.

What is Technical SEO and what is its Importance?

Technical SEO focuses on making a business website compatible with search engine guidelines so that it is indexed without challenges.

The technical SEO process begins with auditing that aims to assess how compatible your website is, and what areas need improvement for an excellent online experience.

As the years go by, search engines evolve and become more sophisticated. Internet users have also evolved in their needs and demands, as smartphone ownership has skyrocketed.

As at the last count by Statista, about 3.5 billion people use smartphones, and this massive number led Google to update their algorithm to place a priority on mobile experience and on-site speed when ranking web pages.

Websites with messed-up redirect links, slow loading time, and disorganized structure will fall down the ranks. Google might also penalize such websites, making it harder to gain site visitors.

About 35% of persons running business searches online will click on the top-ranking organic search results. If you miss out on these clicks, your business might suffer some setback.

Technical SEO

Create Better Online Search Experiences with Technical SEO

Algorithm changes have one purpose, and that is to provide the best experience for users. This goal comes with guidelines and standards that you must understand to ensure your website complies with your benefit.

You must understand technical SEO so that you can exploit technical SEO auditing, discover whether your website is up to par with industry standards, or it needs upgrades.

Factors that Affect Your Sites Online Performance

Several factors are crucial to ensure optimal performance for your website. Such components of technical SEO include Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Site speed, Content quality, robot exclusion Standard (robots.txt), and XML Sitemap status.

Based on Google standards, a 10- second-page load speed could lead to a 123% bounce rate increase. A single second delay in mobile page loading speed can result in 20% less conversion, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% drop in user satisfaction.

These statistics show that technical SEO issues can negatively affect your site SEO and cause lots of issues for your business.

Avoid losing time and money by investing in technical SEO service for content management systems like WordPress, eCommerce, etc.

Technical SEO for Local Businesses

Gain an understanding of Technical SEO Optimization and enjoy countless benefits for business.

The online space is becoming ever competitive, and you need the right skills to stay above your competition. To achieve this, you must keep abreast of new algorithm updates and technical SEO strategies to improve your website’s performance continually.

A perfect understanding of the demands of technical SEO allows you to structure your website for search engine indexing and great online user experience.

Here is a quick list of some of the processes associated with Technical SEO

  • Preferred Domain Auditing
  • Avoiding Content Duplicity
  • Running Crawl Error Reports
  • Metadata Improvement
  • Checking faulty links
  • Investigating HTTPS status Codes
  • Increasing Page loading Speed
  • Creation of XML Sitemap
  • Website Optimization for Mobile Devices
  • Effecting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Auditing Site and Page redirections
  • Carrying our Google Site Searches
  • Using robots.txt

At Marketing By Ali, we understand the requirements and are experts at navigating the process of technical SEO, and are aware of how difficult it must be to handle such processes, alongside your other day to day business operations. It is energy, time, and resource-consuming.

Our technical SEO experts are available and open to help business owners handle all technical SEO processes while they focus on running your business optimally.

Do you experience technical SEO challenges that impede your website’s functionality and online performance?

Engage our SEO optimization experts at Marketing By Ali to carry out auditing and optimizing on your website.

Our technical SEO team will handle all your website technical needs and help you achieve your business goals.

Our Technical SEO Services

Create Excellent Technical SEO Strategies for a Successful Online Campaign with These Services

Technical SEO Audit

Our Technical SEO process begins with a comprehensive website audit to identify any technical SEO issues and fix them. Our audit touches on all vital areas such as page speed, Crawl errors, Mobile performance, XML sitemap, robots.txt, internal link structure, site architecture, and indexation.

From our audit results, we will develop both short and long-term solutions to your technical SEO failings, which, when implemented will boost your Google ranking and improve user experience on your website.

Competitor Analysis

Our technical SEO experts will evaluate your competition optimization based on components like search engine ranking, keyword performance, technical and backlink profile, and social media presence.

Findings from a complete analysis will help our team design creative strategies to set you apart from your competition positively and give you an advantage in your industry.

Meta Data Analysis

Marketing By Ali is an expert in handling technical SEO for WordPress that covers areas like meta descriptions, meta keywords, title tags, robot tags, and alt attributes.

We can analyze and optimize your meta tags and boost your online visibility and traffic generation. Descriptive meta tags describe your page contents to search engines and visitors in succinct words.

Our experts will ensure that no misplaced or misused metadata can adversely affect your site’s online SEO performance

Image Optimization

We can boost your page loading time by optimizing your images and their sizes. Large images cause loading delays and discourage your visitors, so our technical SEO experts will optimize your images to attract visitors and keep them engaged.

We will reduce the size of your images, select the correct format, leverage your image optimization plugins, optimize alt attributes, and use available image sitemaps for faster loading time.

Speed Optimization

Your page speed determines where your website ranks on Google and other search engines, how many persons visit your site, and what kind of experience they have.

Our team of specialists will optimize your page speed by reducing the size of your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript with file compression. Some other speed optimization strategies we employ include reducing page redirects, optimizing your code, leveraging content distribution networks, improving server response speed, and utilizing browser caching.

Structured Data Markup

Schema data markup enables search engines to trail, interpret, and publish your content. We will add a schema markup tour page, assign data tags, create HTML, and highlight your page components.

Our technical SEO experts will assess your markup using Google’s Data Testing Tool and identify any problems.

Keyword Research

Keyword research gives you insight into consumer searches and online behavior, industry trends, and the appropriate keywords that follow.

We will find the best keywords relating to your industry and infuse them appropriately throughout your site for better rankings.

Our experts will determine what keywords are the best ranking in your niche, and then optimize your website and pages with those keywords.

Backlink Analysis

Gain a better understanding of your website’s online authority and search ranking capabilities with technical SEO for eCommerce and other platforms. Our team performs backlink analyses to ensure you acquire incoming links from reputable and high-authority websites. We utilize various backlink data sources to identify your referring domains, check their site authority, and determine the social share magnitude of the linking pages.

Penalty Recovery

Your website might get penalized by Google owing to changes in algorithm or WordPress black-hat technical SEO.

Our technical SEO experts will use Google Search Console to investigate what type of penalty was meted out to your website, research strategies, and resolve outstanding issues or content penalized by Google to help you recover.

We will also carry out an assessment of your redirects and backlink strategies for optimal performance.

Website Migration

Migrating your website is a major endeavor that must be handled carefully and expertly to ensure you don’t lose valuable traffic.

Our technical SEO team will carefully carry out a website migration involving mapping changed URLs from old to new sites, updating internal links, creating performance benchmarks, removing duplicity, handling 404 pages, and monitoring page rankings and traffic.

A Technical SEO Company that Gets Results

Improve Your Website Performance and Drive More Organic Traffic

To run any successful business online, Technical SEO for content management systems like WordPress is crucial. The right technical SEO strategy helps to maintain the proper functionality of all SEO elements, troubleshoot website issues, and resolve them immediately.

Our Technical SEO services at Marketing By Ali will help you drive organic traffic and record business growth and profit increase.

Here’s what you stand to benefit from engaging our technical SEO services.

In-depth Website Audits

Technical SEO experts at Marketing By Ali will institute total site audits into your competition and analytics, paid campaign, backlink profile, technical SEO, and conversion rate optimization. This audit is to ensure that all variables of your website are working well singularly and together. We will also make well-informed decisions for your business based on our findings.

Technical SEO Specialists

Marketing By Ali, alongside the team of technical SEO specialists, is an award-winning group in the United States with lots of successful projects in our portfolio.

Our experts comprise Google-trained and certified SEO specialists who can handle your SEO project from start to finish.

We plan and execute SEO solutions using research-backed facts, data, and recommendations to ensure the best results. We also have updated knowledge of all SEO and industry trends.

Full-Service SEO Solutions

At Marketing By Ali, we provide full-service SEO solutions specifically for your brand and niche. We identify and eliminate any factor that impedes your site performance. We also optimize your page content and make it friendly to both search engines and human users.

Our experts provide SEO services for Amazon, Shopify, eCommerce, Franchises, and other businesses.

Analytics and Reporting

Our team gives you insights into the performance of your SEO campaign and other online activities using analytics. We provide our consultants with insight into their marketing opportunities, weaknesses, threats, and strengths through monthly reports and email updates.

Goal-Oriented Web Strategies

During your first consultation with our SEO experts, we will analyze your campaign marketing status, clarify your goals and objectives. We will create SEO strategies and tactics that align with your goals, increase your web traffic, and site leads using several methods.

Leverage our Comprehensive Technical SEO Strategy to Achieve Top Ranking on Search Engines.

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