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What is ALT text?

ALT text

You may be wondering how people optimize Images. The secret isn’t the use of graphics or colors and editing features. The miracle tool is the use of alt text, and it helps in the optimization of images to give your website a top ranking. Many sites are ranked among the top in SERPS because they use ALT attribute to optimize their images. More details about this miracle-working feature are explained below.

All You Need To Know About An ALT Text

Alt attribute/ Alt description, commonly known as the Alt text, is a description used on website images to describe it, and they are applied within the pages HTML.

Users of WordPress use this feature often, and it’s usually on the screens right side for image insertion. The ALT attribute feature mostly goes unnoticed by new visitors on a website, and the only way to see it is by hovering the mouse on the image. Its invisibility doesn’t make it an unimportant tool.

It’s an essential tool when it comes to improving the SEO on websites. Websites rank and accessibility is enhanced through this feature because of its acts as a value-addition tool. All websites need to be visible; hence, using the Alt text tool is vital to improving your ranking.

ALT Text

Here’s Why SEO needs Alt Text

When it comes to search engine optimization, ALT attribute is essential because it significantly impacts the ranking of the website content. The feature of AltText ensures that images are strategically visible in search engine results and Google crawl. The tools of enhancing content in websites are vital, but photos need optimization too, and the best way to obtain the expected ranking is through Alt Text.

Enhanced visual elements improve your website’s appearance, and associating photos inside written content is a superior strategy to boost your site ranking. However, you need to beware of the intentions of the webpage context. For instance, if you generate content for a clothing company website or a webpage with an infographic basis, Alt Text is essential.

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