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Each of these services has its own purpose but all of them combine to create a marketing strategy that finds potential customers, pulls them in, and sells them your product or service.

But every business is different. Yours may need a combination of these services or it might only need one.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll figure out a custom plan that will suit your needs.

Just imagine what your life would be like if the customers were coming to you.

How much time would that free up for you to focus on other things?
What could you do with the newfound financial freedom?

Pay for results. Not promises.

Internet Marketing for Your Small Business

As a small business, figuring out your marketing can be tricky. It’s extremely difficult to get right but if you don’t, the results could be disastrous.

And even if you try to push out some ads or get an agency to take care of it, you have no idea if it’s actually going to help. You could end up paying thousands of dollars a month and get ZERO new customers.

In fact, We’ve seen it time and time again. Which is why Marketing by Ali here to help.

We specialize in internet marketing for small businesses. Our team uses their marketing expertise to help businesses like yours, grow and thrive.

We operate via pay per lead. That’s right. You only pay once you’re talking to a potential customer.

This means you have ZERO risk. If we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.

But that’s just how confident we are in our ability to bring you customers and make you money.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Website Design and Maintenance – engage and persuade people on your website.
Search Engine Optimization – help more people find you online
Social Media Optimization – use social media platforms to generate awareness, increase customer engagement, and build your brand
Pay-Per-Click & Ads Management – Dramatically increase your sales and awareness through the effective use of paid advertising
Email Marketing – use emails to find and retain customers, earn sales, and build your brand

Our Online Marketing Strategy

Development of a business site capable of converting visitors into new leads
The foundation of your customized marketing strategy will be a responsive website. We’ve tested out an assortment of business site designs and formats and isolated one superior to all others.

Using smooth CTAs on both mobile and desktop, a fast-loading website with a beautiful design, and customized imagery, branding, and content, your site will serve as the point of entry that we develop your marketing strategy around.

As our client, you will get all the essential components of a website customized for your company specifically. Your site will feature the following:

– A responsively designed and mobile-friendly interface that automatically reformats to accommodate the device it’s being viewed on.
– Simple click-to-call buttons on smartphones.
– High-converting multistep forms that encourage visitors to ask for more information.
– Fast loading times so you don’t lose visitors because of a lack of speed.
– High-quality videos and images.
– Totally customized content that is SEO-friendly.
Visitors will be encouraged to connect with your brand because your website looks spectacular. We have achieved this for many clients, and our results are based on comprehensive testing. A website for the company you run can be active within the month.

Run strategic PPC ad campaigns.
We can see your brand on platforms people spend the most time on. Our established system will generate leads for you consistently.

Regarding Internet advertising, your brand should capture people’s eyes. You will be listed on Microsoft and Google’s PPC ad platforms in Instagram and Facebook posts, popular blogs and websites, and various other online platforms.

We offer PPC services to get people to notice companies. We make it easy for people to get in touch with your company via click-to-call buttons or estimate-request submission forms.

This is something we can do effectively. We can give you a strong ROI because of the following:

– We have worked with many companies, so we have a lot of data to help us improve your campaign.
– We optimize each campaign from the beginning. You don’t need to wait for a marketing firm to research your industry. You can bypass wasting thousands on useless ads before determining what is effective.
– 1/5 of clicks, on average, convert to leads, giving your ads a conversion rate of 20%.

Local SEO is used to rank high on Google Maps.
We use local SEO approaches to help you rank high on Google Maps. This is a great way of separating your business from the competition. You will notice a difference in lead quality when people see your company as one of the top three listings on Google Maps.

Getting your brand to appear as one of the first three listings on Google Maps when your services are queried is a big deal. We generally notice movement during the initial three months of working for our clients.

A couple of aspects are involved with local search engine marketing for companies. The initial part is about on-page optimization:

– Use of city names (local) when writing page titles.
– Use relevant keywords throughout the website to help search engines find it better.
– Optimizing video content and image tags.
– Producing content that establishes your company as an industry authority.
The second part is about off-site optimization. A number of things we do during this stage include:

– Create backlinks of high quality from relevant sites that point to your website.
– Build citations and mentions for your company in popular directories online.
– Ensure that your brand stands out online.
Ultimately, you will be above the competition when someone searches for your services.

Retargeting visitors who have been on your website before
If your site already has conversion elements properly implemented, only about 20% of website visitors (that you spent advertising money on to get) will contact you instantly. The remaining 80% will contact you at all.

Retargeting can be used to turn those numbers around. You can convert prospects into new customers through ads.

Can you remember the last time you looked at an item on Amazon and, afterward, saw that item advertised just about everywhere you went when online? That is what retargeting is all about.

After people visit your website, they will probably browse other sites or visit social networks. When they do, your ads are what they will see. Ads get prospects to return and establish a powerful online presence for your brand.

We can help you achieve this by having Google remarketing and Facebook pixel tags installed on every page on your site and your landing pages. By doing so, you will be able to retarget visitors that didn’t engage with you by way of follow-up advertising on various platforms, including:

– Major blogs and news sites
– Bing and Google
– Instagram
– Facebook

Create a Landing Page that converts well in order to get leads instantly
Digital advertising/marketing may not have worked for some businesses if they lacked convertible landing pages. Our landing pages are developed to capture leads. They have been put through one test after another so that we can isolate the ones with the highest conversion potential.

These customized company service pages capture the eye. They encourage potential leads to be proactive. Best of all, they come branded, creating recognition for your company with each person who visits the pages.

Getting more reviews online
A positive online reputation is important for every contractor. While some customers will leave a review for you without being solicited, you usually need to ask someone to give you a review.

When potential customers search online, they want to see if the company has trusted and verified reviews on reputable sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google, among other platforms.

We will provide the tools to stimulate customers to give you positive reviews. In time, you will have more online praise than your competition. Our review software and reputation management services provide you with the following:

– A legible website URL that customers can type to leave you a review.
– Emails sent out automatically to customers per specifications you set forth, encouraging them to leave a review for you directly.
– Embeddable reviews that you can add to your website and social media to maximize your visibility.

Creating a social network ad strategy
A social network strategy for a marketing plan will go a long way.
Instagram and Facebook have over a billion users that are registered on their platforms. Those numbers continue to grow by the day. These people are customers that you should be reaching.

Facebook Ads allow you to target specific people using social networks and promote your business directly to them. Your ads can display limited-time offers and branded videos, among other incentives. Your audience can be targeted by:

– Interests
– Relationship status
– Income
– Vocation
– And more

We will work alongside you to produce targeted ads – they will showcase your brand to establish customer trust. Visitors will have confidence in your company based on what they see, and before long, they’ll ask you for an estimate.

This merely scratches the surface of all the advanced marketing strategies that we will put into place for your company. Our online marketing system serves as the ideal starting point if you would like to dominate the competition.

Here are just a few of our satisfied customers


Judy Munroe
VP Marketing - SalesTeamPro

I started working with Ali in 2018. I needed someone who could handle anything from SEO to building websites to server maintenance. I have been so pleased with the quality of his work and his willingness to go above and beyond. I have given him work to handle that had very tight deadlines and he never missed one. Ali’s work ethic is pretty amazing. I trust Ali and highly recommend him for large and small projects. I don’t believe you would be disappointed and trust me if he thought you were, he wouldn’t stop working until you were 100% happy.


“I started working with Ali in 2016 and his impact has been extraordinary. He has been able to accomplish what other local competitors have been unable to, in a very short time frame. Ali is an industry expert and will take your company to the next level. Looking forward to many more years working with Ali. Thanks for everything you do!”

Daniel Reale

“Ali is a true friend. Amazing person to work with. This is the 2nd order that he has worked on for me, and the communication is just amazing. His abilities to perform the job are great. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of web design, wordpress, seo and advertising. I am going to use Ali for all future work without a doubt.”

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson
Owner, Sawtooth Internet Services
Lead Developer, SalesTeamPro

“I have used Ali’s services on a number of projects that I did not have time to do myself, and have been very happy with what he has produced. He works quickly, pays attention to detail (very important!) and is very client-oriented. Requested changes are done quickly and accurately. I highly recommend him.”

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