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When it comes to digital marketing, nothing beats the old Email Marketing. Although email marketing is the most primitive form of digital marketing, it’s still the best in the game. No other technique can provide such a gateway that ties you directly to your customer. Through email marketing, you can share all the relevant info without any barriers, and thus convince the receiver to visit your website as many times as you want.

At Marketing By Ali, we ensure that your email marketing is done as smoothly and efficiently as possible. No matter what your business needs are, we’ll make sure that you get the best strategy that suits your needs.

Robust Strategies

A well-thought-out email marketing strategy can make or break your business!

For email marketing, strategies are everything. An email marketing strategy is basically a plan that you can follow from the start of your email campaign and modify it according to your needs. It’s a blueprint for everything email related that will help your vision come true.

But an effective email marketing strategy isn’t something everyone can plan. It requires experience and commitment. After all, every email you send to your clients will follow this strategy, and if there is any loophole in it, the whole email marketing campaign will collapse.

At Marketing By Ali, we first make sure that we understand your needs completely. We collect every bit of info about your clients, your end goals, and everything in-between. With this info, we devise a fool-proof email marketing strategy that can you in the long-run.

Email Marketing

Attractive Email Template Design & Development

Eye-catching emails can help boost the conversion rate without any extra effort!

For email marketing, we need to focus on two things. What the client wants, and the way we provide it. The contents of an email are undoubtedly the most important bits. This is the info that the client will use to decide whether he/she wants to do business with you or not.

But the visual appeal of an email is also very important. If your email has the best email copy in the world but looks hideous, no one will pay attention to it. So for effective marketing, you need to have a convincing copy and appealing visuals to complement it.

At Marketing By Ali, we can provide you with custom-tailored templates that you can use to entice your clients. Each template will have an effective email copy and attractive visuals. The copy will define how your business can help and resolve the issues your client is facing while the visual appeal will make sure that the client reads every bit of it.


Email Automation Is The New Black.

Gone are the days when you had to specifically write and send each email depending upon your clients’ interests. Email automation allows your business to grow while saving a lot of time and energy.

Email automation means the end of manual labor of writing a reply when someone chooses a certain product. In fact, you can automate the whole Email Marketing strategy to ensure that the client gets the right email every time. Supposedly the client wants to buy a certain item from your website, he/she will click some button and it will trigger the automatic reply. This tailored reply will ensure that the client gets a prompt response to his/her query.

At Marketing By Ali, we’ll ensure that the automation process is seamless. There won’t be any gap or any trigger unchecked. Everything will work in synergy to bring conversions to the max.

Email Campaign Reporting & Analysis

Results will show how effective our email marketing strategies have been for your business!

Everything sounds good when suggested, but the real test begins when it is implemented. The same goes for every email marketing strategy. We can discuss the details with you as much as we want, but in the end, you need results.

We understand that, and that’s why we provide complete data of every marketing strategy we implement on your behalf. From the audience reach to conversion rate, we’ll provide exact data of everything our email marketing strategy has brought in for your business.

For complete satisfaction, you can even check the data by using Google Analytics and be 100% sure that the results are accurate and genuine.

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