Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaigns

Don’t rely on Luck to Reach Your Audience!

When you launch your website or your e-commerce store, you expect to get tons of traffic. But soon enough, you realize that traffic isn’t as easy to come by as you might have thought. So you search the internet for the best way to get a lot of traffic, and by traffic, we mean real traffic consisting of people who are willing to pay and buy from you.

One of the best ways to get real traffic on your website, or your store, is through paid advertisement. It’s basically a way to gain traffic without relying on your luck that someone will click on your website when searching for the services you and many others provide.

At Marketing By Ali, we can help you get the best PPC campaign strategy that best suits your needs with a guaranteed high ROI.

Pay Per Click

PPC Campaign Strategy

The first step towards a highly profitable PPC Campaign.

You can buy as many ads as you want on Google Ads or Microsoft ads, but if your strategy isn’t good, that investment will go to waste. Simply put, your ads will be shown to a generic audience who will most likely skip the ad and continue-on scrolling through the SERP.

What you need is a solid strategy, which includes proper keyword research, appropriate competitor analysis, real-time ad tracking and a rounded report for the whole campaign.

At Marketing By Ali, we can provide you with a custom-tailored PPC campaign that will put your services in front of the right people. So you can rest assured as we will come up with a custom strategy that will benefit you the most.

Efficient PPC Campaign Setup

Plans are good, execution is a whole lot better!

Once a holistic strategy is devised that will ensure a good ROI, we’ll help you implement it. Normally, marketing agencies will give you a plan to work with and then leave you to do the heavy lifting.

But not us. We don’t do that. We, at Marketing By Ali, make sure that you get the most efficient campaign and that’s why we help you set it up from the ground up. You don’t need to worry about anything as our experts will guide you through each step and make sure that you take the most appropriate route to reach your audience.

We can devise, and we can also execute the strategy that’s been custom-designed to meet your needs.

Pin-Point Campaigns

A fancy word for Re-Marketing

Never leave your audience alone. They will be distracted, and will eventually forget about your services. Supposedly ten customers came to your e-commerce store and checked out some clothing articles. They checked those articles but didn’t buy anything.

There’s a high probability that they didn’t have time or money at that time. They may have kept your website in their memory. But after one week, they’ll forget all about it and buy from someone else.

However, if you remind them before that, there’s a very high probability that they will return to your store and buy.

That’s what Re-Marketing is all about. And we, at Marketing By Ali, are experts in this. We’ll make sure that the customer always remembers your brand and is aware of its presence. This way, you’ll gain more profits than any other campaign can give you.

Proper Reports On Each PPC Campaign

Nothing looks better than some graphs showing how good your campaign is doing!

Not only graphs, but we also share every detail of the PPC campaign. From the click-through rate to the audience reach, we track everything for you. We compile these results and then provide you with an accurate report that will showcase the real situation.

We guarantee that not even a single digit is altered. Heck, you can check the results yourself as we’ll provide you with the required info to gather results on your own.

So you can trust us with your hard-earned money as we’ll respect your business and bring real traffic to your website, store, or anywhere online.

We can provide you with Google PPC Campaigns, Microsoft (Bing) PPC Campaign, Facebook PPC Campaign, Instagram PPC Campaign, LinkedIn PPC Campaign, and any other PPC campaign you require.

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