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eCommerce is the new normal in marketing

In recent years, shopping has moved online more than ever before. Even in cases where people make purchases in physical shops, 63% of their shopping activity begins online.

These statistics show that customers begin the purchase process online, and their experience will determine if they will purchase your brand, whether online or in a traditional store.

As online marketing continues to take over the marketplace, many physical shops are either closing up or moving online. According to Coresight Research, 7,062 retail stores closed up in the United States in July 2020 alone. Imagine how many malls and shops will shut down if things continue at this pace.

Many businesses and institutions are turning towards digital solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Are you one of them?

eCommerce SEO

Attract New Customers with eCommerce SEO

As digitalization and technological advancements continue to rise, customer needs are changing in line with these developments.

Customers prioritize speed and comfort when making purchases, especially because of their busy lifestyles and activities. Online shopping is a more comfortable and convenient option for customers, and traditional stores are far from being able to keep up.

Research shows that about 1.8 billion people globally make purchases through eCommerce platforms. These figures show that the number of eCommerce platforms is increasing, and SEO is necessary for businesses and companies who want to make good sales online.

Widen Your Market Reach with Marketing By Ali's eCommerce SEO Services


Digital marketplaces are becoming the norm as multiple franchises and traditional retail shops are moving online to meet up with their customers’ changing needs.

These businesses are also engaging SEO experts to enlarge their reach and connect them to customers all around the globe.

Figures for 2019 show that global eCommerce sales totaled $3.5 billion and eCommerce revenues are predicted to hit$ 6.54 trillion in a few years.

The big retail names like Walmart, IKEA, Alliance, and Walgreen Boots have all joined digital platforms like eBay and Amazon and eBay to reach their customers.

This development proves beyond doubt that eCommerce SEO is a profitable necessity for successful businesses globally.

Join wise companies and make wise decisions now! Invest in SEO for eCommerce and dominate the global marketplace today.

Custom SEO for eCommerce

Enhance Your Brand Visibility and Boost Customer Experience

There is no industry quite as competitive as the global marketplace, and it is set to get more competitive as experts predict that by 2050, around 95 percent of all purchases will happen on eCommerce platforms. Only companies with the perfect approach to digital business marketing can cope and thrive amidst this competition.

Your business needs a 360-degree approach to help your business tap into your target customers, increase sales, and generate a higher ROI. eCommerce marketing is the best and fastest method of enhancing your brand visibility and awareness.

eCommerce presents a holistic and effective approach to improving customer experience and boosting business growth.

Engage the services of a trusted and experienced eCommerce SEO company to promote your products and services globally!

Our Exceptional eCommerce SEO Services

Build Brand Trust and Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rates
  • Keyword Optimization and Research

    We build the best keyword strategies to improve your online presence and attract more qualified leads to your business. Our eCommerce SEO experts will carry out customer and competition analysis on behalf of your business and find out the most relevant keywords in your industry.

    We will also employ the latest tools in analyzing keyword search volumes, optimize your keywords, and correct any ranking difficulty.

  • Local SEO Services

    Our local eCommerce SEO experts will place your products in front of your target market for higher visibility. Our services encompass on-page and off-page optimization, online reputation management, Google My Business listing, and local business citation building. Allow us to drive increased traffic to your online store.

  • Technical SEO Services

    Our eCommerce SEO experts will optimize the usability of your site for better results. We will fix all technical issues, implement schema markup, boost your site’s mobile responsiveness, speed, and optimize your product detail pages.

    Our specialists follow all Google rules and best practices for optimizing and building your site’s structure.

  • eCommerce PPC ADs

    We have effective eCommerce advertising solutions to help you reach your target customers and generate instant qualified leads for your business. Our solutions will drive traffic from the top of the funnel to your store and convert qualified leads to sales.

    We will also perform keyword research and optimization, create engaging ads that promote your unique value proposition, and design custom landing pages for your business.

  • Content Writing

    You need engaging web content to attract and convert the right customers for your business. Our writers at Marketing By Ali are knowledgeable and experienced in creating content across various industries and businesses.

    Our expert content creators will write guest posts, product page and page descriptions, and responses to reviews, amongst other forms of SEO content and social media marketing content

  • Automated Email Marketing

    We will use email marketing automation to drive sales for your business, generate and retain customers, and increase target audience interest in your business.

    Our eCommerce SEO Company creates personalized emails that suit your customers’ interests, activities, and purchases. Our SEO specialists will ensure that the emails we create are well-designed and responsive. We will also test your email marketing campaign, study the results, and maintain good relationships with your customers.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Our team will analyze the key performance indicators of your marketing campaign and track the success rate. We will conduct in-depth audits on your site, run A/B split testing, and run search analysis. With the data we get from our analysis, our experts will make further recommendations to increase your conversion rates.

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