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The Story Behind Apple’s “Think Different” Campaign: Changing the Conversation


Some marketing campaigns do more than sell products; they change how we think about a brand and, sometimes, even ourselves. Apple’s “Think Different” campaign is one such game-changer. This post will delve into this iconic campaign, gain valuable insights, and examine the notable elements that made it a marketing triumph.

A Campaign That Defied Norms

In 1997, Apple was at a crossroads. The company was struggling and needed to revitalize its image. Enter the “Think Different” campaign, a brilliant departure from typical tech advertisements of the time. Instead of focusing on product features, Apple spotlighted the revolutionary thinkers and doers who dared to “Think Different.” The campaign featured black-and-white images of historical figures like Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, and Martin Luther King Jr., tying their innovative spirits to the essence of the Apple brand.

Insights Gained

  • Changing the Narrative: Apple successfully redirected the conversation from its struggling sales to its brand philosophy.
  • Emotional Branding: By associating with iconic figures, Apple created an emotional experience, making the brand more relatable and inspiring.
  • Standing Apart: The campaign emphasized Apple’s uniqueness in a market that was becoming increasingly commoditized.

Notable Elements

  1. Targeted Messaging: Apple spoke directly to its consumer base’s individualistic and creative aspects.
  2. Visual Impact: The use of black-and-white imagery added a sense of nostalgia and gravitas to the campaign.
  3. Iconic Tagline: “Think Different” became synonymous with Apple, effectively encapsulating the brand’s ethos.
  4. Cultural Impact: The campaign has been credited with turning around Apple’s image and impacting the broader culture, inspiring people to challenge the status quo.
  5. Longevity: Over two decades later, the phrase “Think Different” is still a part of Apple’s identity, emphasizing its lasting impact.

The “Think Different” campaign demonstrated that marketing can be a transformative tool for a brand. It realigned Apple’s image from a struggling tech company to a haven for the world’s forward-thinkers and innovators. If you aim to create a marketing campaign that drives sales and shapes perceptions, request a free quote from Marketing By Ali today. We’re experts at crafting impactful, enduring marketing strategies.

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