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A Step By Step Guide To Effective Local Marketing Strategy

A Step By Step Guide To Effective Local Marketing Strategy

Local Marketing Strategy

Decreased sales, lessened engagement, and a loss in general interest. These are the things that will make any local business owner rethink their business’s approach.

Now it’s a natural curve that your business will gain traction over time, and will eventually reach its peak. It will stay there for a certain amount of time, determined by many factors, and then will start to fall off that peak. One thing that can extend the peak-time is your local marketing strategy.

An effective local marketing strategy can take your business to new heights while maintaining a high standard of your company’s image.

So how can you make an effective local marketing strategy?

You can take a look at the following steps which describe the process of making an effective local marketing strategy.

Raise Awareness

Now the first thing that you need in any local marketing strategy is to raise awareness. After all, people will be interested in your product or services only if they know about it.

So how do you raise awareness?

You raise awareness through a combination of Content and Traffic. Now we’ll be using this combination in all of the following steps too, so brace yourself for that!


In order to raise awareness, you need content that gives the people an idea of what your business is about. How their lives will be affected, how they will benefit from your product\service. This can be done with blog posts, podcasts, videos, and other methods. But the main idea is to give them a sense of what they’re getting without going into too much detail.

For your content, you can get traffic via SEO, social media channels, and digital advertising, just to name a few methods.

Now Engage Your Audience

Once they’re aware of what you’re providing, start engaging them. You need to engage them with quality content while retaining a sense of usefulness and effectiveness in their lives. You can do this, again, with a combination of content and traffic. With content, you can captivate them, make them talk and share the word around. This way, your business will get the exposure and people will start talking about it, all at the same time.

Now to drive traffic, you need to use the tested methods of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media channels, and digital advertising. All of this must be focused on keeping the audience engaged, don’t rush at this point!

Make Them Subscribe

Once people start talking about your business, it’s time to make them your subscribers. You know how YouTube channels grow based on their subscriber count, same goes for any local business. The more people you have in your email reach; the more chances you have of getting successful.


You can gain subscribers by hosting events, events that target a specific audience and cater to their needs. You can also use lead magnets to gain subscribers while retaining how your company will help them solve their respective problems.

For your traffic needs at this stage, you can use referrals as they’re the most effective and convincing tool. In addition, SEO and digital advertising can also help.

Time To Start Converting

With the new-found subscriber base, it’s time for you to convert. Now you can start making some actual money off of all the hard work you’ve put in.

You can do this by showing what actual benefits the audience will get from your product or service. One way to do this is via real-life demonstrations. This will give your product\service an edge over the competition and eventually more conversions.

To reach as many potential customers as you can, simply go to your subscribers. They’re the ones who will be interested in your product/service, and they’re most likely to give to buy it.

Not Just Conversions

You can’t stop at the conversions. You need to go further. You need to keep your client base on the edge of their seat with excitement.

To excite them, give them some info about your “upcoming masterpiece”. This will surely lead to many of them reaching back to you with questions, questions that will show how excited they are.

This will be done by emailing, messaging or simply meeting with the customers. If everything works out, you’ll have a number of excited customers who are ready to take whatever you have to offer.


Don’t Stop Here

Excitement is great, but it won’t last long if you don’t do something about it. So the next step in your local marketing strategy is taking the customer to the next level. By next level, we mean that the customer must feel like they’re special and that your business is always looking out for them.

The most effective way is to share some behind the curtain facts and gain their trust. You need to make them feel comfortable while ensuring that you’re not after conversions alone, but you care about customers themselves.

Do this with emails, direct messages, meetings and any other way you can think of.

Make Customer Your Advocate

Until now, everything you had done was for the customer. Now, it’s time to gain something valuable from them, in addition to the money they’re spending on your product/service.

You need to convince your regular or even one-time customers to give your services a positive response. Ask them to leave positive reviews of the product, share the best things in the product/services with their friends and family, and do other stuff to give your product a good vibe.

Customers As Promoters

Before we get into it, make sure that you’ve completed every step before it. For this step to work its wonder, your customers need to be completely satisfied and happy with your services/product.

If that’s done, ask your customers to promote your services/products actively. You can ask them directly or via emails. The initial steps will guarantee that your customers actively take part in this promotion step because they believe in your services and want to help you spread them.

In the end, every step would give your product a push forward and take it to new heights. However, you need to be persistent and patient with your approach, or everything will collapse like a sandcastle in a storm.


At Marketing By Ali, we can help your business gain momentum with our proven Digital Marketing techniques. So feel free to contact us 🙂

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