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12 Digital Marketing Ideas That Painting Contractors Can Use

Marketing Ideas for Painting Contractors

Painting Contractors, Digital Marketing Ideas for Painting Contractors

Are you interested in promotional ideas to market the painting company you run?

As with just about every local business, painting contractors usually have unrelenting competition.

Digital marketing isn’t optional – it is mandatory.

Marketing a business on the Internet is getting harder to do. Having a website isn’t enough – you must have a long-term marketing strategy planned out, not to mention a dominant presence on social media and impactful ad campaigns.

Digital marketing happens to be a field that is quite versatile. No universal formula exists to achieve success with online marketing. As such, unique marketing concepts are required for every type of business.

Digital Marketing Ideas for Painting Contractors

Marketing By Ali develops and implements marketing strategies of all types for clients. The following article will present a number of effective concepts for painting contractors.

They can be applied to reach a specific market while giving your painting business more local exposure.

1. Concentrate on Local SEO

The manner in which people look for things on the Internet has evolved over the years.

The Yellow Pages, Yelp, and online directories have been phased out by Bing, Google, and other search engines. Not to be outdone, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks have also become resources for people looking to spend their money. That is why SEO isn’t just another marketing strategy – it is a necessary component of digital marketing.

The most integral aspect of your digital marketing strategy will be local SEO. You shouldn’t waste time trying to determine if SEO is worth it – it is, and you need to start capitalizing on it.

The initial thing you’ll require for a strong SEO strategy is a website – one that is easy for search engines to crawl. Your website should be optimized so that it is capable of maximizing conversions. There are a lot of particulars to consider when it comes to SEO – so much so that you probably won’t have time to think about each aspect.

Advanced SEO Audit

2. Design Customized Landing Pages

Relevant information is something your visitors will always want.

Let’s say someone visits your website. They discovered it after clicking an ad or Googling “commercial painters in Toronto.” Odds are pretty good that they will be interested in your business’ commercial painting experience. This visitor should have the ability to navigate every page on your website with ease. They should have the ability to review positive testimonials and look at recent projects. All of these things should be accessed from your site’s landing page.

Each painting service you offer should have its own landing page. If you’re interested in promoting a special offer, think about creating individual landing pages for it.

There are a number of reasons to do so, including the following:

  • You won’t always have the ability to customize your website’s homepage, especially if it needs to address specific services or offers. Let’s say you have an ad for industrial painting. If an interested customer were to click on your ad, when they are transported to your homepage, they might get confused if they are exposed to other services you offer.
  • To optimize your conversion rate, your landing page needs to be in sync with whatever message you are trying to convey on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) or online ads. For instance, if you’re running an ad promoting a 10% discount for interior painting, then clicking on that ad should bring the visitor directly to a page that reveals information about that particular offer. The visitor might lose their patience and leave your website if they are transported to a page with irrelevant content.
  • When you use a landing page, you have the ability to create individual promotional offers. Let’s say you are interested in offering special rates for existing customers. A customized landing page will allow you to develop a personalized and private page to market this. This landing page will not be the same as your other service pages.

3. Your Hours of Operation, Location, and Contact Info Should Be Easy to Find on Your Site

This is a no-brainer, and yet, a lot of local business websites don’t have easy-to-spot phone numbers or addresses. Business hours should also be clearly visible. These particulars are vital aspects of a website, so they must be simple to find.

Your company’s contact details, business hours, and location must be listed in places people expect to find them. Consider using a widget for Google Maps to simplify this process for potential customers.

4. Run Ads That Are “Call-Only” Exclusively

A call-only ad can be quite effective for a painting company. Painting jobs will usually require a personalized touch. As such, it is prudent for potential customers to speak to you directly in order to go over their project details with you. Call-only ads are accessible on both Google AdWords and Facebook.

These types of ads will allow customers to skip landing pages and get in touch with you without a hassle. This will be more convenient for customers who would prefer to speak with someone over the phone, as opposed to corresponding through emails.

5. Capitalize on the Scheduling and Geo-Targeting Features That Come with AdWords

Painting companies usually have local customer bases. Using the geo-targeting features that Google Ads provides allows you to optimize the exposure of your business. Specifically, it allows your ads to be run where a majority of prospective customers for your business are.

There is more than one way to choose a targeted area for your ads. The best approach for local painting contractors is to pick a radius surrounding the location they service.

Integrating geo-targeting with ad scheduling allows you to choose what time your ads will be displayed. For instance, a call-only can be displayed during business hours.

geo-targeting ads

6. Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook allows you to put together targeted ads that reach a demographic of your choosing. You’ll be able to identify specific locals based on their income, location, interests, age, and more.

Some key targeting perimeters for local painting contractors are home type, income level, location, and age. Be mindful, though, that some perimeters will not be accessible in all countries.

You shouldn’t have too broad of a target. Otherwise, people away from the area you service may see your ads, which would be a waste of your money.

7. Concentrate on Localized Content Creation

Content marketing happens to be very important. What kind of content should painting companies be publishing, though? For small businesses, it is usually difficult to put time aside for the sake of creating content regularly. However, locally-focused content relevant to potential customers may push your company ahead of competitors.

Content that is locally focused increases your exposure in localized search results. It also improves your online presence on social media, thereby popularizing your business in your targeted area. There are no shortage of topics to write about – local news, customer resources, painting tips, DIY suggestions…the sky is the limit!

8. Promote Positive Reviews on Your Website, Online Ads, Emails, and Social Media

If your business has a fairly active digital presence, customers will be happy to review it. While you are encouraged to handle customers who write negative reviews, you should be interacting with people who leave you positive ones, too.

Write comments about the positive reviews you receive in order to enhance their visibility. Consider offering discounts and/or special offers for customers who write a review about your business online.

9. Maintain Your Page on Google My Business

Google My Business helps with the online exposure of your local painting company. The information that you have about your business should be always updated. If your business hasn’t been claimed or is not listed on Google My Business, rectify this right away!

Consider the following suggestions for utilizing your page on Google My Business:

  • List your company under the category named “Painter.”
  • Upload pictures of recent work completed.
  • Ask customers to write reviews.
  • Make sure your company name, phone number, and address match what is listed on your site.
  • If you would like to promote special offers, use “Google Posts.”

10. List Your Company in Online Directories, and Make Sure You Use the Right Categories

Find online directories to list your painting company in, and make sure relevant categories are chosen to list your business under. Doing so will improve your online visibility. Notable directories like Yellow Pages and Yelp should be used, but don’t forget about local directories, too.

11. When Writing Copy, Write From a Third-Person Perspective

When writing copy for online ads, make sure the voice you use is from a third-person perspective. To put it another way, rather than writing, “we are the best painters in Toronto,” write something from the perspective of the customer – perhaps something like, “we decided to hire Marketing By Ali for a commercial painting job, and couldn’t be happier with the results.” Consider using excerpts from actual testimonials for your ad’s copy.

12. Service Pages Should Be Created for Every Location That You Service

If you have a painting company that serves more than one area, consider creating separate location pages per area. Your website should have unique pages for popular suburbs. On your website’s header, the tab’s “service areas” should expand, revealing a page link list that is location-specific.

Clicking on one of those links will take a prospective customer over to a personalized service page dedicated to that location. Developing individual service pages will improve search value and provide your customers with a more positive experience.

In Closing

This article has gone over a number of helpful marketing approaches that painting contractors can use. Hopefully, these suggestions can help you target localized customers and send qualified leads towards your site.

Having said that, because local marketing continues to get more competitive, the marketing strategy you implement will need to evolve continuously as well. Further, it wouldn’t hurt to keep track of what the competition is doing.

You may find it troublesome to run your digital marketing campaign on your own. If that is the case, one of our professional marketers will be more than happy to give you a hand.

Many online marketing companies are not upfront about the services they offer. Worse, some sign-up painting companies for services they don’t even need!

Marketing By Ali prides itself on its no-nonsense tactics. The services that we offer yield explosive growth for each customer we serve.

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