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Grow Your Plumbing Business Using These Eight Marketing Ideas

Plumbing Business Marketing Ideas

Plumbing Marketing

The plumbing industry happens to be a competitive market. Customers are limited to contacting plumbers within their vicinity (usually within a radius that stretches between 30 and 50 miles). Since you’re dealing with localized competition, you’ll need to fine-tune your approach to increasing leads and getting new customers.

The conventional way of promotion – where plumbers place ads in local papers, perhaps run a TV ad, or distribute flyers – aren’t very effective in the modern era. Worse, those approaches can take a toll on your wallet.

Today’s generation looks for the services they need online. That makes investing in digital marketing mandatory in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Marketing By Ali has assisted many companies – including ones in the plumbing industry. We have enhanced their online presence and found ways to increase their lead generation approaches. It can be troublesome for a plumber to understand these methods if they don’t know what the process entails. If you’re reading this article, odds are pretty good that you are looking for ways to market your plumbing services online better.

Here are eight marketing methods that can put your plumbing company front and center. By sticking to these suggestions, you’ll end up getting some impressive results:

Plumbing Marketing: Build Your Plumbing Business's Website

The first thing you need to do is have a website up and running – one that is completely functional, attractive, and easy to navigate. A website establishes your digital visibility while increasing trust for those interested in your services.

There are many things to be mindful of when designing a website. Designing the layout of one properly needs to be planned out in order to target specific customers. If web design isn’t something you are capable of doing on your own, you are encouraged to hire a web design company to achieve this on your behalf.

Online Marketing Services for Plumbers

Website Design & Development

The true face of your online business is waiting for you.

You are one click away from a new beginning for your online business. An attractive and engaging web presence that draws in new leads and converts them into customers.

Local Directory Submission

Because plumbing tends to be limited to the area you service, potential customers will need to locate you through centralized business listings. That’s why having your company listed in a local directory is imperative. Gone are the days where people search for local businesses in the Yellow Pages. Nowadays, people look at online business directories to find service providers.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an approach that involves adding relevant keywords to the content of your website. This process is called “on-page optimization.” It involves the utilization of meta-tags, alt tags for images, and meta-titles. You’ll need to develop valuable and meaningful content around these things.

If someone were to perform a query using keywords relevant to your industry on the Internet, a search engine would crawl your site looking for those keywords. That’s how search engines know if your website is relevant to a searched-for topic. If it is, your website will be displayed on search engine result pages.

Finding relevant keywords is of utmost importance. If you are uncertain about the keywords your target market is using to search for services that you offer, you won’t rank very well. Consequently, you won’t receive ongoing traffic to your site.

Advanced SEO Audit


All businesses – regardless of the industry they’re in – need to have blog articles on their site. They can be used to share valuable information, news, experiences, and updates with customers.

Don’t forget – content is king, and Google loves content. Publishing engaging and unique content relevant to the keywords your website uses will capture the attention of your target audience.

Plumbers can write about a slew of topics on their blog, including the following:

  • How to reduce water bills.
  • Preventing pipe breakages when temperatures are below zero.
  • Fixing clogged drains.

Do some keyword research, then write content pertaining to those keywords. The keywords you use should only be ones that your target audience has used to search for things online. Integrate variations of keywords and keyword phrases in order to rank high for multiple queries.

Properly-written blog articles will get your article shared all over social media. A thought-provoking article will stimulate comments. The more popular your article comes, the more backlinks your website will have, which will help it rank better on search engines as time progresses.

Demo Videos

Do-it-yourself videos can be seen all over YouTube. People search for them all the time! Whenever somebody experiences some type of plumbing emergency, YouTube tends to be the first place they turn to. Although reading blog articles and following directions can be beneficial, the process can take a lot of time. When people are in a state of panic, reading an article might not be the best approach.

On the other hand, following instructions that people are giving visually by way of video can be a godsend. On your next trip to resolve a customer’s plumbing emergency, consider asking them for permission to film what you’re doing. A bunch of things can be demonstrated in your video, including the following:

  • Fixing leaky pipes.
  • Fixing leaking toilets.
  • Changing bathroom faucets.
  • Suggestions for renovating bathrooms.

Establishing a Strong Reputation

Delivering quality service and establishing a positive reputation won’t happen overnight. Nonetheless, 92% of potential customers read reviews online. 94% of those people select companies that are rated four stars or higher. As such, if somebody has anything less than a positive experience with you, chances are they will write a negative review about your company online. Such abuse impact your business in a way that you don’t want.


Whitepapers can be described as a comprehensive explanation of a service or product you provide; or technology you utilize to provide your service/product. A whitepaper is created strictly for marketing intentions. It helps potential customers or leads get more information about the solutions you offer. Your whitepaper should contain factual and pervasive evidence. They should reveal why your products or services are superior to the ones offered by your competition. The document should be transparent about the ways you intend to help the reader, as opposed to being a forceful sales pitch.

When crafting your whitepaper, sales pitches should go out the window. The reader wants to read about how your products or services can simplify their life.

Plumbers can write a whitepaper on various subjects, including the following:

  • Using your service/product to purge lead out of water.
  • Ways to establish if your water is too hard.

Community Engagement Online

Interactions that you have with users online bring in plenty of traffic. Many people enjoy participating in niche groups and communities on social networks, especially if they involve Q & A sessions.

Here are some websites that people use to get answers to plumbing questions. You can participate in discussions on forums and join an online group on:

  • Reddit (on a subreddit for plumbers).
  • Facebook Groups (that focus on plumbing).
  • Yahoo Answers.
  • Quora’s Q & A community.

Participating in online communities provides you with a chance to display your expertise and skills, establish trust with audiences, and create brand awareness.

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