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Understanding Landing Pages and How They Help to Increase Your Sales


Are you wondering how your competition makes more sales while you hope the customer will come? The answer often lies in a vital digital marketing tool called a landing page.

Below, we explore the meaning of the tool to help you understand its uses in your business.


What is a landing page?

A landing page is a tool you will use to help your audience act, and it can be one of three instruments, including a Squeeze Page, Long-Form Sales Letter, and Video Sales Letter.
When you market your products and services online, you expect your audience to take action. Before they can take action, you must provide a landing page using the three tools listed above.

When your target audience takes action, your digital marketing effort is successful.

The page where you drive traffic is called a landing page. On your landing page, the traffic you send there can take some actions:

  • Opt-in to your squeeze page to provide their email contact to build your lead magnet, download a free offer, get a discount offer, subscribe to your newsletter, view a video to learn more about your services, etc.
  • Purchase to boost your sales and become your paying customer.

The landing page tools are explained further below:

A Squeeze Page

This landing page type will help you collect your target audience’s email address as they subscribe to your newsletter or download a gift. It is the best opt-in tool to get people on your list for subsequent interactions. Use this resource for Lead Magnet or newsletter campaigns.

Long-Form Sales Letter

You will need this landing page tool to sell your products and services to your target audience. The sales letter is used to answer your prospects’ burning questions and assure them of your competence and understanding of their plight.

Often, this resource helps sell entry point offers and core offers to boost sales and earn more. This is the best tool for selling complicated products requiring so much explanation to make a sale. It helps to overcome buyer objections and get them to take action.

There are no rules on how long your long-form sales letter should be. However, the price of your product will determine the length: the higher the price, the longer it takes to establish the product’s worth and eliminate the resistance to buying.

Video Sales Letter (VSL)

The video sales letter landing page helps to sell products and services using video marketing communication. The use of video is a smart marketing strategy to get attention. This sales tool shares a common feature with the long-form sales letter.

A video sales letter is the best digital marketing tool to demonstrate how the product or service works.

The uniqueness of the video sales letter in capturing attention is next to none.

Landing page Success Factors

Two things contribute to the landing page’s effectiveness:

  • A Good Offer: The Lead Magnet or product you are trying to create opt-ins or sales for
  • A Good Audience: The person you are selling your product to

Once these main elements are determined, you can start developing the other landing page elements.


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