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10 Ways to Make Your HVAC Website Design Successful


Your HVAC Website Design is not just the window to your business, it is now the heart of it. More people now search online for products and services before making transactions. Even so, you must strengthen your website design to follow all strict processes. Therefore, your entire marketing plan (including HVAC SEO, PPC for HVAC companies, etc.) must be revamped not just to help you get found but to ensure conversions for you. For many years, we have worked with hundreds of HVAC websites, and so we have key 10 ways that can help you make your HVAC website designs more successful.

10 Ways To Turn Your HVAC Website into Best Marketing Solution

The first thing you must realize about HVAC Internet Marketing is that it isn’t what it used to be. Currently:
  • 60% of American customers say they’ll consider switching companies following two to three instances of poor service.
  • About 50% of loyal customers have left a company for a competitor who was able to stay more relevant and better satisfy their needs
  • The average web user will only wait 3 seconds for a website to load before hitting the back button
  • 92% of consumers look at a company’s website when choosing an HVAC contractor
  • 75% of online customers expect a response to an online inquiry or chat/message within five minutes
10 Ways To Turn Your HVAC Website into Best Marketing Solution
To transform your website into a top-performing marketing channel, here are 10 strategies to implement:

1. Make your website responsible and mobile-first

Majority of searches for residential and commercial HVAC services happened over mobile devices in the last couple of years. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of getting more leads, you must meet your customers where they are. Therefore, your website should look just as good on more than it is on desktop or more. Ensure that your texts are large enough with plenty of white spaces. Your Navigations should be easy to click and access all areas on your website. Your website must also have a click-to-call button, so customers instantly reach out to you.

2. Offer plenty of valuable resources

Your customers want to know how knowledgeable your company is about their needs. The best way to show your expertise is by providing all the information at their fingertips. You should include blog-posts, downloadable resources, FAQs and testimonials in your websites so that visitors can clearly see that you are a reputable company. That said, you cannot use only a couple of contents, or contents aren’t really unique or original. To ensure your website rankings increase, you have to make publications consistently.

3. Make sure you have a precise visual hierarchy

You have to guide your visitors to take the next step to contact you. Therefore, your website should reflect the visual hierarchy your visitors would take to get the information they need. Also, ensure that your website has the right amount of call-to-actions and contact forms reap outstanding results.

4. Ensure your header has a clear contact button

You can place your phone number in a very visible region on the header so that visitors are quickly pushed to take the next best action. With a phone number at their disposal, your customers will feel that your company is ready to answer their questions at any time.
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5. Enable Auto-fill and ask for only the relevant details in your contact form

You don’t want visitors to leave because your contact forms require long minutes of filling in details after details. A short and snappy way can instantly get their emails and phone numbers without making your visitors feel as though it is a lot of work.

6. Use videos to show your credibility

Customers want to see the humans behind your business. They want to understand that you genuinely feel their pain. Therefore, you need to make your company as visible as possible. You can use behind-the-scenes videos to show your technicians inactions, or use video testimonials. You can also showcase your teams or guide your prospects through simple tasks they can carry out. There are lots of options out there. All you need do is build a strategy around them.

7. Implement contrasting call-to-action buttons

The color of your website matters a lot. Ensure you are using contrasting colors between the background and your CTA buttons, so your users can quickly see where they need to click to connect with you without searching around for it.

8. Have CTAs on your Banners

You should ‘push’ your customers to contact you from the very first glance. Think about this, most people judge the website within 0.5 seconds after it loads. Therefore, your banner area is the fastest way to show them that you are right at the other end, waiting to hear from them.

9. Avoid low quality/ stock photos

People know generic stock photos when they see them. Therefore, you should invest in high-quality images. Photos are a vital aspect of your website. They engage your users and create that curious notion in them to find out more about you. If your photos aren’t unique, you may have a hard time, evoking a positive emotional connection with your visitors which also reduces the number of leads you will enjoy in the end.

10. The word ‘Free’ opens several doors

People love freebies, and if your HVAC Website design has this as one of the perks of using your service, you will get more customers. We all love getting stuff that we have no obligations to pay for. When you use these words such as giving free consultation services or carefully created guides, more customers will be compelled to leave their details in exchange for those freebies.
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