Creating and executing an effective SEO plan doesn’t have to be difficult.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

At Marketing by Ali, we believe that modern SEO only works as part of a holistic, integrated digital marketing strategy. Done correctly, SEO can grow organic traffic to your site, improve your search rankings, and help you generate more leads and sales.

Creating and executing an effective SEO plan doesn’t have to be difficult.

To deliver results, we feel you must have a comprehensive effective SEO strategy that has the following:

  • Technical SEO

    We look at the code, site structure, site speed, and other metrics of your website that could impact your search traffic and make sure that search engines can find your site and its content.

  • User experience (UX)

    We analyze user-facing aspects of your website, including content, navigation, and keyword optimization.

  • Off-page SEO

    We improve your SEO presence with links to your site from other high traffic sites, strengthening the brand online, and improving the popularity of your site and content.

SEO Service

Researching keywords should be more than just plugging a term into a keyword research tool to get a list of relevant keywords. It’s also important to know a person’s intent when they are searching for a keyword phrase. When creating your SEO strategy, we use several methods to look beyond the keyword and determine the keyword intent.

An SEO strategy to fit your brand/business/industry/niche.

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all solution. A strategy will be different for a small local business versus a major corporation with a global market. We work with you to understand how your unique business needs cater to your industry and goals and adapt our SEO approach to cater specifically to your niche.

What success means to you and your business.

We will build an SEO plan around your goals. Whether you are looking for increased website traffic or more local traffic, we base our success metrics on your business goals. That could mean focusing on keyword optimization or content creation or optimizing your local business profiles on directory and review sites.

Effective SEO doesn’t produce results overnight. It takes time. In general, our clients start seeing results from our SEO techniques within six months of getting started. We can help shorten that time by making sure that your site is well structured and free from technical issues.

Mobile optimization is more important than ever today. Over 50-percent of website traffic is generated on mobile phones. Our strategy plans include a mobile audit of your site to make sure it is user-friendly.

SEO as part of our overall marketing strategy.

We realize that SEO strategy goes hand-in-hand with your content marketing, public relations and social media marketing activities and we are open to collaborating with your other marketing teams to make sure we create an effective marketing strategy that incorporates all efforts.
SEO Service

Link-building and influencer marketing

When it comes to link-building and influencer marketing, we believe less is more. It is better to have one high-quality link from a credible, authoritative site than hundreds of low-quality links that you purchase. It is better to earn these links rather than purchase them. We do this for you with high-quality content that drives links organically. We work to build relationships with influencers and editors to help boost your site’s organic traffic.

Staying up-to-date on industry changes.

We are constantly up-to-date on industry changes and Google updates to ensure how to best position your site for changing search algorithms. When we are managing your site, we monitor for potential signs of algorithm changes and investigate possible shifts in SEO best practices.

Throughout the process, we will report to you, at least monthly, on our progress toward your unique goals.

We consider our clients as partners. We want to work together with you to build an SEO strategy plan that will help achieve long-term success for your website and your business.

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