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Local SEO Strategy for Local Business

Local SEO

With the algorithm changes by Google in recent years, Local SEO now plays a vital role in a brand positioning strategy.

However, can it help local businesses to be more visible in organic search results and get more potential customers? There is a radical difference in sales between hotels that effectively work on a Local SEO strategy and those that do not.

What is Local SEO?

I would say that Local SEO helps a business gain visibility to impact local audiences. Search engines like Google offer the most appropriate businesses on their results pages. They believe the proximity and what is around the person who performs that search on their mobile.

With Local SEO, a set of factors influence your position on Google.

For example, it depends on how you correctly categorize your business, be consistent with your contact information, work your website with structured data, and more. Also, spending time and effort on platforms like Google My Business to generate qualified traffic would be best.

Google My BusinessLocal SEO is an excellent way to generate quality traffic at no cost. It is a type of positioning that greatly benefits local businesses—for example, restaurants, hotels, shops, hairdressers, etc.

How does Google My Business Help my Local SEO?
Google My Business listings quickly show the user data about a company or local business.

The GMB listing positively impacts the local positioning of your business, as it shows the listing based on the user’s location. If Google considers your business relevant to a search, it will show the listing at the top of the results page, between paid ads and organic results, or on the side of search results.

With a well-optimized Google My Business listing, you can appear at no cost above the results of other businesses without investing in advertising. Although, it is true that this only happens for business searches in your city, hence the name of local SEO.

To ensure your listing is well-positioned in your city, you should optimize and update it regularly. It often takes too much of your time if you do it yourself. That’s why we are here!

What benefits do you get when using Google My Business properly?

  • An outstanding position: Your business can appear prominent in Google search results. Your business listing will be shown just below Google’s paid ads and above all other organic results.
  • Your Business On The Map: Your business appears on Google Maps, allowing users to find you easily. A map is displayed indicating the exact location of your business. As a result, it is easy for the user to locate your precise location.
  • Easy Access To Phone And Company Website: Easy access to your company’s phone and website. The tab shows a link to the company’s website, easily accessible with just one click. On the other hand, the contact phone number of your business appears, which a user who searches from a mobile can call just by touching it.
  • Show Your Business Gallery: You can show photos and videos inside your business. You control the image you give of your business, uploading those images that interest you most. Besides, your customers can upload their photos, which is quite common in industries such as restaurants, clothing stores, etc., although much less common in businesses that offer services.
  • Customer opinions: Your potential clients want to know what others think of you. Reviews are a compelling selling point, and Google puts them because they are authentic.

Who is this service for?

Any company with a physical headquarters should do Local SEO in their city. With an optimized Google My Business listing, you can improve your organic SEO and take advantage of all the opportunities for attracting new customers.

We are not a heap SEO agency.
At Marketing by Ali, we create strategies that work. We know how to attract new customers to your business. Today, we have already managed to redefine the system of hundreds of companies.
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