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There are five reasons why I choose WordPress, The Most Popular Content Management System

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With the advent of advanced content management systems (CMS), building a website is easier than you think. This will be even more painless if you choose the right platform that provides you with the right tools. There are many platforms to do this, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

It is no secret that we are big fans of WordPress, and this interest is not unreasonable. Many people choose WordPress as their favorite platform, making it one of the world’s most popular content management systems.

In this article, I introduce five critical reasons that differentiate WordPress from other competitors and make you choose it to build your next website. So, follow it.

1. Efficiency of Open-Source Software That WordPress is.

The term open-source is ubiquitous in the field of programming and software development. But if you do not specialize in this field, it might be unfamiliar to you. Open-Source specifically refers to two cases:
Open-source software is free, and you can use them in any project, whether personal or commercial.
As you can understand from the word open-source, you can easily customize WordPress in any way you want.
Let’s talk more about its benefits.

2. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world

Currently, millions of websites are available, and WordPress creates 30% of them. More than 500 websites are going live daily using WordPress, and their number is increasing daily.
With this number of users increasing daily, we can be sure that programmers will continue to develop and improve this software, add to its features and tools daily, and increase your website security.
In addition, many developers are working under the WordPress ecosystem. There are currently over 55,000 plugins for this software available to everyone through the site.
There are also thousands of free themes to use that give you complete control over the site’s appearance, which of course, does not include premium plugins and themes. If you plan to invest in your area, many of them will give you more options.




3. You can use WordPress for any project

You may also know WordPress as software for creating and managing blogs, which is not very wrong. But WordPress has been developed in such a way that it can be able to fit any website.
For example, WordPress can be beneficial in expanding your business. Creating virtual classes, chat forums, or social networks are other examples that show the incredible power of WordPress. WordPress tools and features are so extensive that they can be used to run any project. You can even have your online store using the WooCommerce plugin.
Even if you want to jump into WordPress deeper and deeper, you can use REST API to send your site information to other platforms. This tool will help you build a mobile application or use other platforms through data connection between them and your website.

4. Learning WordPress easier than anything else

WordPress is easy to learn, even if you have never worked with a content management system or built a website. WordPress is suitable for all beginners. Do not be afraid to start. Start WordPress, install one or two plugins, and make your site pages on your chosen theme.
Do not forget that the personalization of this platform and your website will have no limits, and there is always another way to continue working. When you get more professional in WordPress, you can use its more advanced tools and features to have complete control over the content and appearance of your site.
WordPress is also a valuable tool for professional developers. It can save coding time by providing a convenient platform for building any website and speeding up project completion. Coding from scratch for a website is very time-consuming and expensive.

5. WordPress pays special attention to information security

No matter how hard you look, you will not find a platform or website that is 100% secure. Like all other technologies, security threats are on the rise. So, using a platform that takes security very seriously is mandatory.
To ensure your site’s security, keep WordPress up to date and use the latest version of the theme and plugins.
WordPress always provides security updates so that it can always keep its platform secure. If you always keep your WordPress platform up to date, you will no longer have to worry about malware and security threats. If you still want more security, getting a service from a host that uses advanced security systems is better.
Using complex passwords, a 2-step authentication system, and many other tools and configurations can help us get a secure website. But if we do not use a secure platform, none of it is valid, and you have wasted your time.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Our WordPress Management Services are available round the clock to ensure a hassle-free website experience.

Content management is easier than ever.

Today, over 30% of the world’s websites are generated by CMS, and their users are added daily. But WordPress has been able to get more attention among users due to its simplicity and development, especially for beginners.
Even if you have much experience building a website, WordPress can open new windows for you and amaze you with its many features. There are plugins and themes for WordPress that allow you to create any site.

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