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Ten Web Design Techniques for Small Business Websites

Small Business Websites

Small business website

You already have your own business idea at home, hire a designer for your website, and publish it to the world. Congratulations! But how to make a small business stand out in today’s competitive online market? Well, this starts with your website.

A strong online image will leave a positive impression, can lead to more sales, and do your business on the road to success. However, for those who are new to the industry, getting started can be a big challenge.

The following tips can help you improve your small business website and help you start from the right. Some of them are easier than you think!

1. Make it clear that a good website is simple and compelling.

Complex design or too much information may overwhelm visitors. In addition, the clear design conveys professional information. Therefore, remember to free up space for the website without having to put everything on one page so as to provide users with a more enjoyable experience.

2. Accessibility is key

Just as accessibility is important in the workplace, so is online. Ask your website designer to ensure that people with disabilities and print disabilities can access your website. There are many (very simple) ways to do this. Usually, you need to add a few lines of code to the page. Having a clear and accessible website is not only useful for people with disabilities, but it can also help your small business rank higher on Google. Google and other search engines use accessibility as a ranking factor to determine the ranking of your website in search results. So it can definitely be improved!

3. Make it mobile-friendly

After Google announced the concept of mobile-first indexing, unresponsive websites will be disadvantageous for businesses. This means that when accessed from a mobile device, the pages on the site will automatically zoom and zoom in. However, this alone is not enough, you need to make sure that your website provides a user-friendly experience on a mobile Internet connection.

4. Clear your contact information. One of the biggest obstacles to online business is to build trust with new customers.

A quick and easy way to build trust is to include clearly visible contact information. Create a contact page with phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, business hours and company registration information, and a map with necessary instructions. In addition to posting it on the contact page, another good practice is to highlight it in the footer of the site.

5. Make sure you have email newsletters.

At present, formal email marketing is still one of the highest channels for ROI marketing online, and it is vital for being the driving force for automation of the market. If you build a website that cannot capture the visitor’s email address, then you are actually spending money.

Use tools like MailChimp, OptinMonster, and Drip to easily add email newsletters to your site and these tools provide an easy way to start creating email lists. Before buying, people usually conduct preliminary research to learn more about the product and the company that provides the product. This is the best time to get email addresses with lead magnets from potential customers, so you can continue to market to them after they leave the page.

6. Invest in professionalism and continuous brand building.

As a small business website, you need to focus on creating a professional look that is compatible with your brand. Use colors that match the brand logo, and hire a website designer to add unique content to your website.

Choose fonts, graphics, and design templates that perfectly complement your overall website style. But don’t skip this step cheaply, because the design of your website is very important.
Pay special attention to your website, as this is usually the most visited page on your website. Use the website to showcase your best products and inject some information about your company and brand history.

Custom Website Design

7. The power of blog content.

Publishing regular blog posts on a small business website is a great way to get attention to your brand. It can make your brand a thought leadership position and help visitors find answers to questions, and build a sense of mutual benefit. Google also sees frequent blogs as a positive indicator of your business, which encourages them to rank you higher in search engines.

Before people buy a product or service, people like to learn more about the company’s values, ethics, and personality. Running a blog on your website is an ideal way to showcase these features to new visitors. Historical ethics: make sure your site has a blog function!

8. Choose the right CMS

CMS is a content management system. In other words, this is the software to manage your website. Choosing the right CMS for your industry will provide you with greater flexibility to add other features later as your business grows.

No matter how hard your web developer works to take care of you, you should avoid using a customized CMS on your small business website because you may encounter changes, support, and updates in the coming years.

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9. Get a memorable domain name.

In an online business, your domain name is your company name. This is why it is important to buy a unique and memorable domain name.

When buying a domain name, try to buy a short and easy-to-remember name. Please also try to purchase the .com version of your name. There. com TLD is not available and is used by people selling similar products, so it is better to consider another name.

10. Displaying Customer Testimonials

Custom testimonials are one of the most effective ways to build trust with potential clients. The certificate can confirm from a third party that your product/service is reliable and that you are a reliable company.

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