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Why Long-tail Keywords Are Important to SEO

Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are a useful part of SEO strategy. Key phrases/keywords that use long-tail words will usually be longer than the keywords normally used. However, long-tailed are generally more specific. They may not receive as much traffic, but they will generally increase conversion value because they will be more specific. Using long-tailed keywords gradually increase traffic to your website, and it is more likely for newer people to find you, and this includes more motivated audiences.

When you are going up against the competition in the market, the use of long-tailed keywords can be a big help. Or you may be up against more competition for the same keywords you are trying to rank for. With that said, you will find that there are many companies and blogs to which this strategy will benefit, and this is because you are attracting visitors who have something specific they want to search for. The following will explain long-tail keywords, how you can set up a strategy just for your long-tail keywords once you have an understanding of your mission, as well as your product(s).

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Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords will be more specific, as well as being more uncommon than most keywords. Which focuses the most on a single niche. Chris Anderson wrote the book ‘The Long Tail,’ which is where the word long-tail keyword is from. It is shown in Chris Anderson’s book that there is a market for about anything. In many cases, the market may be relatively small, but due to the wide range of the internet, it makes a niche product, including blog posts, profitable anyway.

A Head Term

You will find that many of the blogs will have a single topic, called the ahead term or the main keyword. For instance, when mothers blog, it will generally be about family, but a food blog will cover more than one thing, as it may cover restaurants, eating, and recipes. The main keyword/keyphrase would be the theme or main topic of your blog or website. For instance, a person who has a food blog about homemade Italian recipes may use terms such as “homemade Italian meatballs.” This would become the main keyword used for the blog article.

Many Different Long-Tail Topics  

It would not be practical to optimize all your blogs using the same term, but you could write a bunch of different blog posts, each being a long-tail variant from your main key phrase. For instance, it could be a blog about other Italian foods, such as:

  • homemade Italian pizza
  • homemade Italian desserts

Linking Long-Tail Keywords to Your Main Topic (head)

When optimizing blog posts using variants of long-tail Keywords, you would benefit the most by linking them to your main topics (head) category pages, and then from those pages link to the pages that are the awesomeness, such as the articles on your website that is the most important. Keep in mind that you must link your main topic to the most awesomeness pages to be successful, which would be the articles that are the most important. Keeping in mind to always link from the long-tail keyword to your main topic. This way, you will be letting Google see your structure and your important pages. Make certain that your most awesomeness pages will rank high with Google.

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A Good Reason for Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail KeywordSince there are fewer websites that compete for rankings on Google’s results pages, it makes it easier to get a good rank for your long-tail Keywords than for the more common ones. Using longer search terms or rather more specific terms makes ranking for them easier. Due to the wide range, we have on the internet, it makes it easier to reach an audience seeking the niche you have to offer. You can get a lot of traffic from focusing on long-tail keywords.

Focusing on long-tail keywords also offers another benefit, and even if they are not used as much as the more common keywords, those who visit your website due to using them will more than likely purchase one or more of your services and/or products. For instance, you start searching for a family board game. You begin by searching board games, right? After searching for a while, you realize you want a game that will be appropriate for kids and adults alike and has educational value to it.

You continue your search; however, you changed the keyword term to kids educational board games. If you are looking for educational board games in New York, that can be another keyword you use. Both keywords can be used to find the results for your particular search, and that is how it works for those looking for what you offer.

What Makes Your Mission Important?

Firstly, you will not have any problems selling a good product, and always be aware of the products and services your website is equipped to offer your audience. What is it that makes your blog and products special? By knowing this and understanding the concept, is going to make them more attracted to your audience, and they will come more near purchasing. You should take the time to figure out what is unique about your blog or products and write them down.

Maybe it is furniture you sell. The pieces that you sell are individually unique and made from materials that have been recycled, and the impact this furniture has on the environment is low. Being in the position to offer furniture of quality and will also reduce the buyer’s impact on the environment would make your services unique as well. And this is your unique offering for your audience.

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