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What Does PPC Mean And How It Can Help You In Sales

PPC Mean

The PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It refers to an Internet advertising model where the advertiser pays to place ads on their website in search engines or other websites.

Each time a user clicks on the ad, it will be directed to the advertiser’s website. And they will charge a price set for each click of the users. This is what PPC means in broad strokes. But we will deepen its meaning and definition.

What is Pay Per Click in Online Marketing?

The PPC has the relationship between a website that offers advertising space and another website that wants to promote its services or products through ads that have a link. This promotion has a fee. This is based on a specific price for each click the user makes when clicking on that ad.

An example of PPC (or SEM) is Google Ads campaigns and their sponsored links. These ads appear in the first Google search results.

How Google Ads Can Help

Google Ads is Google’s program to offer sponsored advertising. Another essential concept is the PPC (cost per click), which pays for each click an advertiser does in your ad. The advertiser pays only if the user has clicked on the ad. This last concept is fundamental as you will pay for campaigns in Google Ads if the user enters your website, purchases the product, etc.

Thanks to Google Ads, your customers, and potential customers will find you instantly. No matter if your products and services are common or rare, you can reach millions of people.


PPC benefits

This pay-per-click system dramatically increases traffic to the advertiser’s website. It also increases sales. It brings many benefits to companies that have just been created.

With this system, you can present your products almost immediately. That way, you will have enough traffic until your website positions well organically.

Another advantage of the PPC is that you only pay if users click on your ad. And you also determine the price. This price will be conditioned to other factors so that it can increase or decrease. But it is beneficial that you only spend money when they click on it.

You can also control your campaign and adjust it to your or the user’s needs. Thus, you can direct the advertising more precisely to your potential customers.

How to Optimize PPC Campaigns

You cannot learn this one day. It requires training and many tests to find the key.

If you are not sure how to get started and how to execute it very well, we can help! Our team has helped businesses like yours get more sales using Pay Per Click Advertising.

In the first meeting, we will gather as much information as possible about your company so we will know your goals and needs well. Then, we design all campaigns, optimizing bids for keywords (remarketing, PPC, CPM).


Unless you have a good strategy and enough experience, you will likely burn your money. Contact us today before you commit unnecessary mistakes.

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