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IHOP’s “IHOB” Name Change Stunt: A Marketing Masterstroke


Sometimes, a brand takes a bold leap to capture the public’s attention and stir conversations. IHOP’s temporary name change to “IHOB” in 2018 was one such daring marketing move. In this blog post, we’ll dissect this intriguing stunt, gain insights into its success, and explore the elements that made it a brilliant moment in marketing.

The Name Change Heard ‘Round the World

In June 2018, IHOP sent shockwaves through social media by announcing that it was changing its name to “IHOB.” The “B” stood for burgers, signifying a bold move into the burger market. This unexpected announcement instantly garnered widespread attention, sparking debates, memes, and intense curiosity.

Insights Gained

  • Curiosity Sells: IHOP’s stunt demonstrated that curiosity is a powerful tool to engage the audience and spark conversations.
  • Multi-Platform Strategy: The campaign spanned social media, traditional media, and physical signage, ensuring maximum exposure.
  • Brand Flexibility: IHOP showcased its willingness to evolve and innovate, breaking away from a breakfast-only image.

Key Elements

  1. Social Media Buzz: The announcement was made on Twitter, and the ensuing conversation on social media platforms amplified the brand’s message.
  2. Teasing and Anticipation: IHOP built anticipation by initially keeping the meaning of “IHOB” a secret, fueling speculation.
  3. Temporary Nature: The name change allowed IHOP to create a buzz without committing to a permanent rebrand.

IHOP’s “IHOB” name change stunt is a prime example of how a brand can create a marketing frenzy by playing with expectations and sparking conversations. If you want to capture the public’s attention and generate buzz for your brand, request a free quote from Marketing By Ali. We specialize in crafting creative marketing strategies that leave a lasting impact.


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