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What Is Domain Authority and How Can It Be Increased?

domain authority

Those that are reading this have more than likely came upon the term Domain Authority (DA) more than a few times. The question you want to ask is, What does Domain Authority entail? What does it do for the performance of your website? We have put together a comprehensive guide for those who would like to have a better understanding of its concept and to receive more Domain Authority for your website.

What Is Domain Authority For?

I will begin by saying, Domain Authority is an aggregated number – which indicates the amount of Authority on your website. It is also referred to as a ranking metric. Domain Authority was created by Moz.

When a website’s Domain Authority is up in numbers, it makes it easier for that site to get a ranking for the target keywords they use. Moreover, it has been stated by Moz that the Domain Authority of a website can be calculated through assessing the aspects, such as root domains being linked, as well as the number of links that are going into the score of Domain Authority.

A scale consisting of 1 through 100 is used to score a Domain Authority, and number 1 represents the lowest score and 100 representing the highest score. A new website generally starts out with a Domain Authority of only 1 and must work its way up. Websites that have 100 in Domain Authority are sites like Google, Apple, and YouTube.



What Does a Good Domain Authority Consist of?

Having a Domain Authority under 40 is said to be a poor score, and one that ranges between 40-50 is thought to be an average score. However, a good score is one that falls between 51-60, where a score that is 60 and above is said to be an excellent score! According to this, it is obvious that the higher the score for your website, the better off your business is going to be.

Furthermore, it is more important at this point to focus on getting a higher score than your competitors and not worry about what scores the top sites have; just know they are well over 100. For instance, because small businesses generally have a Domain Authority that is low, that lets their competitors improve their Authority with ease.

It would be logical to say the next question should be, “How can a site get a higher Domain Authority than their competitors have?” There will be a lot of the factors involved covered in detail throughout this blog.

How Do They Calculate Domain Authority?

The way that Domain Authority is calculated is by calculating all the numbers of backlinks received, plus the root domains, including a variety of other metrics. To define, you could say, “It covers the whole website for its ranking capabilities for all the pages that have been created, this includes blog posts, however, not limited to them.

Keep in mind that Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) are two different things!

What Is Page Authority?

When measuring a single page on a website for its ranking strength, including its capabilities, you would use Page Authority. To show the strength of a complete website, you would use Domain Authority, which indicates whether a web page stands a chance of ranking should it be created. Although they are not the same, page authority depends greatly on the Domain Authority since both eventually must rely upon the same factors.

So, let us get on with it and start talking about the comprehensive ways there are to raise the Domain Authority of a website.

How Can You Increase Your Websites Domain Authority?

Accept Backlinks Which Are Relevant and of High-Quality

There is no doubt that backlinks are an important factor when it comes to improving the score of a website’s Domain Authority. Anytime another website hyperlinks and connects to your site, it means a backlink has been created.

Traffic can be sent to your website through these links, your ranking being increased, and it also increases your Domain Authority. This makes it important for you to ensure that all your backlinks are relevant to your website, as well as of high quality.

Fortunately, backlinks that are not relevant to your site can be removed, such as spammy backlinks, which can put your Domain Authority in danger. Moreover, it would be in your best interest for the long-term to accept Google’s courtesy and use their Disavow tool.

Is This Too Much Information?

If all of this is over your head or if it just stresses you out, professional SEO companies are now available to assist with backlinking and/or other SEO help you may need. Just contact an SEO agent who has a good reputation; they will be glad to be of help! If the other site linking to your site is relevant and of high quality, the bots that Google uses will come more near trusting your site’s Domain Authority. The standard rule of the industry is that “Follow links” will get you further than “No follow links.”

No follow links are far from being bad but targeting as many do-follow links can your site’s SEO more for its money. After reviewing any links that you consider to be now trash (which needs to be done on a regular basis) and toss them out! Now see, you will be able to focus on building more relevant backlinks that have a higher quality.

1. Here Is a Tip!

If your business is small, you can submit your website to be in the local roundups. This consists of the “best of XYZ lists” and/or submissions that are accepted by some directories. It will be some backlinks for your website that will be easy for you to come by.

Another way would be to connect and collaborate with other local businesses which have businesses relevant to the same customer demographic. This will allow you to bring some beneficial links to your site while building your backlinks up.

You can also collaborate with other small businesses that you have established a professional connection with for even more backlinks where their customer demographics are relevant to the products and services your business supplies. You can find a lot of ways for building links of high quality by searching the internet and looking around your general area.

2. Come Up with a Strategy for Link Building

So, by now, you should understand the importance of having links that are of high quality, including links that have high Authority. You should have also learned by now how to go about removing links that are no longer needed or wanted. Now what you need to do is come up with a strategy for building your links up. In case you do not feel that you are ready to take this on yet, you just need to continue reviewing this information and practice doing it; you will soon get it!

The number one building block of importance to having a terrific promotion strategy would be to have something that is of value in the industry your business falls under. The second thing of importance would be promoting the content by taking advantage of all the marketing channels available.

Link Building

This means you should send your in-depth blogs after their created to the email list you have made, and next put them on social media sites and get them promoted. The details on how linkable content is created will come later. Whether or not you have a large following, never underestimate how far you can reach! Always use hashtags that relate to your content and the industry your business falls under if you want to have more eyes on it. After doing everything you can do by yourself, your next step would be for you to reach out to the more professional guys for a little help.

You should at least get the help of someone you know in your industry that knows more than you, and if their site as good as an authority as you do, discuss getting a backlink from them. Remember when you reach out to them that you need to be subtle rather than come off sounding as if you were making demands.

Research their brand prior to getting with them, for there would not be any reason to reach out to them if you found out that their audience is not relevant to the products and services you offer. It does not hurt to express your gratitude for their published content. When you reach this point, it would be beneficial if you link to a particular blog, one that is relevant to yours and has a similar topic to that of yours, which you would like to use for building links.

During a message or email, you can make an opening to let them know you have also written a blog about a “similar topic of interest” and include it as an attachment saying, “Thought this might interest you, and I feel that my blog could be a great addition to your page.” Then end it with something positive to say and hit send.

If they find it interesting and/or feel that their audience would be interested as well, they will be more than happy to link it. There will be a few that does not respond, several will just say no, and the rest is going to accept. It is all comes with the link-building game. Using the strategy of guest posts is yet another way to be proactive in link building.

3. Boost Your Domain Authority Using Guest Posts

A guest post means that after writing a post, you will have it published using a 3rd party site. Using a guest post can be more effective as well as more efficient for giving your site’s Domain Authority a boost, more so than simply creating content only for your website. You would have more opportunities for linking your site’s content and maybe an Author Bio on yourself.

There have been studies that have shown people will come more near clicking a link in a blog during the time they are getting the information wanted, instead of after they have finished with said information.

Either way is going to give your site a backlink of high quality, having a high domain authority, and reputable. It is certain that it will boost the domain authority of your own site as well. This is significant for these same links are going to be on websites having high Authority.

Searching and entering your niche will help to find more guest posting sites; try Google’s guest posting websites. You can also find them by using key phrases like “submit a post,” “write for us,” and “submit a blog,” and more… One more thing about guest posts and is to be sure any links offered to you are “do follow,” not “no follow.” By communicating links directly to search engines, using a “do follow the link” will benefit your site; however, using a “no follow the link” is not going to let you communicate at all.

Professional Tip

Guest posting is time-consuming and an intensive process, so it is best not to mass-produce the content that is going to be guest posted. It would be better to use a strategical approach, and other websites will find you more interesting.

A guest post that is relevant to your site can bring more traffic your way and influence your site’s rankings, bring social media shares, brand awareness, and even engagement.

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4. Get Your Technical SEO Fixed Up!

The foundation of your website is the technical SEO; it consists of your domain authority, your rankings, and anything else you do to your site, “it is your website’s legs.”

It is a must to register your website on Google’s Search Console. After you have registered, you can submit the file known to be referred to as “xml sitemap” for your site for Google’s Search Console. It is the same as giving Google what is called a “cheat sheet,” or rather a map that will send their crawlers through your site.

These crawlers can index all your web pages, so you want them there. This means your pages will be a part of the search results of Google. You can use the Fetch tool located in Google’s Search Console. This tool can be found on Google’s Search Console’s dashboard, and it lets you update URLs to Google to speed up indexing, submit new URLs, and see if your site pages are able to be crawled by Google bots.

You will also be able to see the status of all existing pages which are in the process of being indexed with Google’s URL Inspection Tool.

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5. Mobile Friendliness

Here are three main reasons that being certain your site is mobile-friendly:

  • It is easier to use mobile-friendly sites, and they offer a high-quality experience for users.
  • They are seen as being more favorable by the ranking system of Google.
  • They come more near securing backlinks, making it one of the main ways to help improve the Domain Authority of your site.

So if a website is easy to use on a smartphone or a tablet, then Google notices and ranks that site higher in the search results for the site’s target keywords.

We, at Marketing By Ali, can help you increase your website’s domain authority today. Contact us to kick-start your domain authority score and SEO rankings, or fill out the form below!

We want to help take your firm to the next level. That starts with a conversation so we can understand your objectives, where you are currently, and where you want to be, and, working together, we can determine a plan and services that are right for you to make your business a success.

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