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REI’s #OptOutside Black Friday Campaign: Redefining Retail Tradition with Outdoor Adventure

REI's #OptOutside Black Friday Campaign: Redefining Retail Tradition with Outdoor Adventure

In 2015, REI, the renowned outdoor retailer, initiated the transformative #OptOutside campaign, challenging the consumer frenzy of Black Friday by encouraging people to embrace the great outdoors. This blog post unveils the narrative behind REI’s #OptOutside campaign, reveals the derived insights, and showcases the campaign’s pivotal role in redefining retail traditions and consumer engagement.

A Trailblazing Departure

The #OptOutside campaign offered an alternative to the Black Friday shopping chaos, advocating for outdoor exploration and meaningful experiences over material pursuits. REI closed its stores on Black Friday, enabling its employees and customers to spend the day outside.

Insights Unveiled

  • Brand Identity Alignment: REI’s success with #OptOutside underscores the importance of aligning brand values with consumer lifestyle choices.
  • Cultural Influence: The campaign had a profound impact on Black Friday traditions, encouraging individuals and other brands to reconsider the meaning of the day.
  • Community Engagement: #OptOutside fostered a sense of community among outdoor enthusiasts, igniting a movement of shared experiences.

Key Elements

  1. Digital Engagement: #OptOutside harnessed social media, encouraging people to share their outdoor adventures using the hashtag.
  2. Company Culture: By closing stores, REI reinforced its commitment to its core values, encouraging employees and customers to enjoy nature.
  3. Prominent Advocacy: The campaign’s message promoted the physical and mental benefits of spending time outdoors.
  4. Influential Partnerships: Collaborations with influencers and nature-oriented organizations amplified the campaign’s reach.

REI’s #OptOutside campaign reshaped the narrative of Black Friday, highlighting the impact of aligning brand principles with societal values and fostering a unified community dedicated to outdoor experiences. If you aim to craft impactful brand movements, centered on authenticity and societal connection, request a free quote from Marketing By Ali, where purpose-driven marketing strategies are our expertise.


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