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Top Plugins for WordPress Backups

Wordpress backup

What happens to your WordPress website whenever your data has been wiped?

You are in the right place if you don’t know the answer to this question.

WordPress backup plugins will be one of the best things you can do to protect your website from being lost.

If you get hacked or lose your login information, you can save yourself a lot of issues and headaches from losing your website information. But that will only work if you have a backup plugin installed.

Without one of these plugins, you are going to be starting over.

Now, you must find out what WordPress backup plugin you should use. There are plenty of options out there.

This article will review my top recommendations and a short buying guide to help you find out what backup plugin will fit your needs.

Are you ready? It is time to make sure that your website is backed up.



  1. Updraft Plus Review: Free WordPress Backup Plugin

If you are looking to get a great free backup plugin, then you need Updraft Plus. It is perfect for straightforwardly restoring your website files. There are over 3 million active installations of this plugin, and it is a good option if you run your website on a small budget.

They have a paid version with more features and capabilities if you want it. But this is about the free version.

Updraft Plus is a cloud-based plugin that will ensure access to your website data and files if you have server crashes, conflicting plugins, cyber-attacks, or anything else that could bring your website down. Once you have Updraft Plus installed, all you have to do is set it up, let it run in the background, and forget it while you deal with more important work for your business.

The Best Features:

  • Can restore your website
  • It uses fewer server resources than other plugins that are free
  • Allows you to set up automated scheduled backups
  • Allows you to back your site with an exhaustive list of cloud options

Updraft Plus is free, and you can check out more reviews and download it here.

  1. WPVivid Review: Best for Migrations

You can easily set up and migrate your website using WPvivid Backup. In addition to backing up data files and safely migrating them, they are used on over 90,000 websites.

Once configured to your needs, WPvivid Backup takes incremental backups to ensure it doesn’t slow down your site. It works in the background to back up all your data. WPvivid Backup Pro’s backup migration capabilities support manual migration, auto migration, and remote storage migration (as a premium feature).

Some of the best features are:

  • Backups can be created manually or automatically
  • For quick migrations of your site, advanced migration features are available
  • Creating staging sites is possible.
  • You can back up all the core WordPress files with it.
  • Support is available 24/7
  • Limit the size of files you don’t want to backup
Here are their pricing packages:
  • Ultimate: $149/year for unlimited sites
  • Freelancer: $99/year up to 100 sites
  • Basic: $49/year up to 3 sites

These plans are yearly subscriptions and do not have a one-time fee. Plus, they have a 14-day trial for free so that you can test it out before you get a plan.

  1. BackupBuddy Review: Best for Efficient Site Restoring

What good is having a backup if you don’t have a way to restore your website? That is a good question that shows up on BackupBuddy’s website.

They could not be more right. They ensure that you have the latest backup by giving you a zip file that you can use to upload and restore to your broken site.

Once you have it uploaded, BackupBuddy will walk you through all the steps to get everything back up and running. Plus, you can restore single files instead of your whole website if that is what you want. Not to mention, there is even a way to schedule automated backups at times that you pick.

The top features for backup buddy are:

  • Automatically will send your backup files to access remote storage locations like Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Provides hourly, twice a day, once a day, weekly, biweekly, or monthly for backups
  • It can back your whole WordPress installation
Backup Buddy has three options when it comes to pricing, but it is a one-time fee:
  • Gold: $199 for unlimited websites
  • Freelancer: $127 for ten websites
  • Blogger: $80 for a single website

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Putting It All Together

Keeping your WordPress site safe using a reliable backup plugin will help you sleep well at night. If you lose things on your site like PDFs, guides, blog posts, images, files, and so much more, you can still quickly restore what you need. Backup plugins can help with that.

Take a quick look at the list below to see which plugins I reviewed in this guide:

  1. Updraft Plus: Best Free Plugin
  2. WPVivid: Best for Migration
  3. BackupBuddy: Best for Restoring Sites

Now, it is your turn. What plugin do you use to back up your WordPress websites? Tell us about it below.

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